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April 2013: Engineered Ascendance

Hazel-wudi, Apr 10, 13 8:56 AM.
Patch notes can be found here.  :)

March 2013: Disturbance in the Desert

Hazel-wudi, Mar 11, 13 4:44 PM.
Patch is tomorrow.  The patch notes, rollout fiction, etc. can be found here.


February 2013: Balance of Power

Hazel-wudi, Feb 19, 13 7:30 PM.
Here's a link to the February release notes, rollout article, etc.

I'm sorry, I'll get to writing a summary of the relevant details when I'm not running a fever and sicker than a dog, lol.

Bonus Xp and Lum for the next few days. :D

Hazel-wudi, Feb 16, 13 3:30 PM.
[3:24:34 PM] Broadcast from +Turbine Severlin> Bonus XP and Luminance is now active!
[3:25:17 PM] [General] +Turbine Severlin says, "Sorry for the extended downtime. It will last until Wednesday's patch."

Bonus quest and lum xp until Wednesday -- patch is apparently going to be Wednesday -- to make up for the extended downtime.  Take advantage of it while it lasts... or for as long as you can tolerate doing it, given that it is questing. lol. :p

Anyone who is usually lucky with resists, who is augged 3/3 clutch of the miser, or who doesn't mind losing death items or burning a magicd rare might want to go and run Aerbax's Prodigal Monogua this weekend. The 150+ version has an xp reward of 1 billion even in ordinary times. It'll be 1.5 billion this weekend, and you'll mostly just be running like hell to the end and picking one item up off the ground. :)

Oh, and just for convenience's sake, here is the Wiki link for the Luminance Quest list.
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